Color Run

Jul 6, 2012

Just in case I haven't COMPLETELY lost my mind with all this running, a group of us friends are doing the Color Run 5k in the Lou on August 18th. 

Benefiting Autism, the Color Run is designed for participants of all ages and ability levels who want to enjoy their run and celebrate each kilometer with a splash of color! At 1k, your shirt will be sprayed with yellow powder, at 2k with blue, at 3k you’ll be seeing green, 4k is pink, and at the finish line you’ll party with everyone in a color extravaganza!

The vivid powder is 100% natural and safe — it’s made of food-grade cornstarch — and is tossed by trained professionals (aka volunteers, sponsors, and staff) as you run or walk by. If you’re stressed about getting dirty, worry not, it all washes out. If you’d like to keep your dyed shirt as a memento, just spray it with vinegar first, and iron it before the run.

I am excited for two reasons: 

1.) I can actually run 5k (3.1 miles)

2.) How freaking cute are the pictures going to be my friend Lauren is an AMAH-ZING photographer and will have us posing like it's a Vogue photo-shoot guaranteed to look beyond awesome - even if we are covered in paint and sweating like slaves...

Color Run - Here.We.Come!

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