Save Your Do Gym Wrap

Jul 8, 2012

Picture this: an endorphin inducing workout worthy of applause and feeling as if you have just conquered the world atop Mount Kilimanjaro. Cut to a glimpse of yourself in the mirror when you realize that this awesome workout has created a rats nest worthy of only the most horrific horror films.

Vanity, party of one?

Call it what ever you may, but after a sweat soaked workout my hair resembles a cross between a waterlogged mop, and Don King, and I, my lovelies am slightly more vapid than one may think. So I began scheduling my workouts around my hair appointments, which lead to excuses like "I can't possibly do hot yoga/dance cardio for the next three days, I don't have a hair appointment for the next five!" As a woman of color I wash my hair give or take every five days, then add to that the fact that I'm the daughter of a beautician, I can count the number of times (on one hand) that I have actually done my own hair - one of those times I ripped out a chunk.

When a friend mentioned the Save Your Do Gym Wrap I scoffed at her. Obviously she had no idea that I sweat like a 400 pound man, and that the mere thought of humidity, heat, or sunshine brings about a sweat so profound it could drown you. So, I scoured the website, bought a gym wrap and figured if anything I'd have a new, albeit expensive headband.  Then it sat in my drawer for over a month till I finished school and stumbled across it one day. On a whim I threw it in my gym bag, no expectations. But boy did I underestimate! After a particularly sweaty workout I got home for the big reveal - my hair wasn't in shambles! Holy batman it worked!

Verdict: a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Cute headband, utilitarian, and easy to use. 

*Disclaimer: remove wrap semi soon after wearing for a super sweaty workout, my hair was a tad damp around the edges.

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