These are the days of my life: Abcentric Continuity 171- 196

Jul 9, 2012

If you'd be so kind and oblige this overly stimulated ex-student while I celebrate (once more) that I'm officially a graduate with my MBA! Cue parade, fireworks, and gorgeous billionaire who has so graciously offered to pay for my education and buy me a custom closet full of Louboutins....  Ok, ok, I made all those things up, but a girl can dream ;) The day I've been waiting for FINALLY came. Commencement - the moment I have waited, prayed for, dreamed of, and obsessed over for the last four years.

Cue Pomp & Circumstance

Flashback four years when I was a homeowner, growing bored of my job at work, at a point in life when I needed to make a change or I would explode. At the time one of my closest friends was pondering her MBA and while chatting (gossiping) on the treadmill I decided that was just the thing I needed to light a fire in my life again. I mean, I wasn't married, without children and the person I was in a relationship with at the time worked nights so it was the perfect storm of events to solve my dilemma. You can guess what happened next - maybe not.  I got promoted at work, and with that a shitstorm of added responsibility I had been vying for - was not quite the ideal since I was taking two classes at the time, plus I still worked BOTH positions till my replacement was chosen + hired + trained. To fathom that I was overstressed is a complete and total understatement (this is were my Starbucks addiction was born).

It was super sunny outside - hence the squint

Fast forward to commencement - a warm, sunny day brimming with promise when I walked across the stage in front of my family and closest friends and received my diploma. The feeling was in a word - unforgettable. Looking back at that lost 25 year old and all the events that have transpired since then make me smile in wonder with every memory.  Had I not been exactly where I was four years ago - at a place in my life when I desperately needed a change, I would not have been through all the experiences, both good and not so good that make me the woman I am today.

Now that you are filled with warm fuzzies and wonderment, let me tell you another story. Student Loans are the bain of my existence. I wholeheartedly believe that the Federal Government likes to use buzz words like "consolidation", "special loan", and "rate reduction", but honestly believe to the depths of my being that they have some bored intern locked in a windowless room thumbing through the Thesaurus for catchy words that draw attention yet mean - NOTHING.

Successfully completed Abcentric Continuity levels 9, 10, and working on 11 (191-200). Substituted dance cardio with running, you know since there's the small matter of a marathon in December. So far in Level 11 I've been doing 6 days a week - can we say fast paced angled in 50 degrees of crazy? Dramatics aside, this level ROCKS - the abs leave me screaming for mercy, and the legs really feel like they are whittling away at my hips and thighs. Bonus, it's 27:30 long! The journey running has been humbling. The first run induced asthma, I got lost (in my own neighborhood), and pretty much had my parting words to my family memorized. Add to the fact I was CONVINCED running was making me fat I totally mentally quit training and it goes without saying - I am a hot mess. Thankfully running is getting better, I'm up to 3.25 miles, feeling fantastic, and beginning to understand the urban legend that is a "runners high". After taking a look at my food consumption it became evident while my appetite increased, I was shoving crap food into my body (not as bad as pre TAM crap food, but I digress) and wondering if running made everyone fat or if I was perhaps the exception to the rule. I'm better, but my weight is in a place it should not be and I'm hell bent on getting it under control - and since I have to run and do mat, I must conquer my food and figure a way to burn 10x more calories, cuz I will reach my goal weight by my ever looming birthday.

Reading various blogs I stumbled upon Smooth Move Tea - it is suppose to aid in "tummy issues. The taste isn't bad, though it takes about 15 minutes to steep - so make time for it because you drink right before bedtime. I had some mild cramping the next am, but after the tea did its work I felt great.

Allergist Update: No bouts of crazy belly, thank God. My doctor is now researching the possibility of Alpha Gal, and allergy to the protein in some mammalian meat. Catch? I've never been bitten by a tick (to my knowledge) and thus far that is the only way to contract it. Stay tuned - walking freak of nature coming through...

Blog Meet up:
Fellow TAM boot camp blogger and fiercely fab friend Jen came to the Lou a few weeks ago for business and we finally got to meet! I'm talking two years of blog following, commenting, and facebook messaging -lead up to this auspicious moment. Granted, we had the "stranger danger" conversation both with one another and our families prior to the meet up (which we died laughing about), to ensure our safety and we were off! Dinner at a yummy Vegan restaurant, so much chatting and stories of shenanigans that we could hardly eat, plus the ladies at the table near us TOTALLY heard every aspect of our conversation and were secretly judging - which made us laugh even more. Cut to "dangerously delicious" cocktails - even though it was 100 degrees of swamp ass here, and more chatter and you'd swear we have known one another since childhood. It was beyond amah-zing to finally meet, catch up, and swap stories with Jen - too bad we live hours apart :(

Jen & I
For those who LOVED the original, Lifetime is doing a remake of the 1889 classic Steel Magnolias starring Queen Latifah, Alfre Woodard, Jill Scott and more incredible females than one could imagine.  Can't wait to see this - what better excuse for a movie night?!

And lastly, Magic Mike. Now that I've said the title you have tuned me out and are imagining the likes of Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey shaking their money makers, scantily clad, built like Greek Gods, and oiled down. While it will NEVER win an award for best acting, plot, or storyline, the visual deliciousness that occupies the gigantic movie screen is not only worth the $10.50, but bad acting to boot. For those who haven't indulged, grab your girlfriends for a girls night, have some wine and ENJOY ;)

Love & TAM,


  1. Congratulations on getting your MBA! Such an awesome accomplishment!

  2. Congrats! That is amazing and you must be on such a high! Way to go. Also very cool that you got to meet up with another Tammer - isn't that the best?!


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