Thirteen Point Freakin' One

Jul 5, 2012


Remember that New Year's Resolution of mine to run a 1/2 Marathon? Well, Challenge. Accepted. On the way home from my last class (of graduate school, EVER!) I decided to bite the bullet and sign up, after all I was embarking on some SERIOUS free time and instead of stuffing my face with any and everything that isn't nailed down and making permanent indentations on my sofa (which I was fully prepared and 100% ok with), I would start off my post learning life with - hobbies.  You know those things I abandoned once graduate school began four years ago and were replaced with sleepless nights, caffeine induced hazes, endless bottles of wine, and countless late nights writing, reading, researching, and stressing.  Plus, what better way to achieve my goal AND share the journey than with two of my closest friends?

So, here I am,  someone whose idea of running is being chased by an axe murderer in my nightmares, embarking on THIRTEEN MILES. In one day. I'm exhausted and terrified just thinking about it.  Knowing there would be no way in the fiery inferno below I'd be motivated enough to do this for myself (there is NO life checklist large enough to tempt me), St. Jude Children's Research Hospital came in. Benefiting children battling cancer I knew that this was my motivation, and no matter how difficult the road leading up to the race may be; the shin splints, side cramps, bad days, uncompromising weather - are NOTHING compared to what those children and their families go through, and I am honored and privileged to help in this way.

Tank from my race buddy Amie - the back says "In Training"

To the long road stretched out ahead - bring. it. on.

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  1. I can't wait to run this with you and Lauren. I just hope we don't bust out in laughter for no reason.. like we always do..and not be able to run :)


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