Aug 31, 2012

Lord help me. This is HILARIOUS. Please don't eat, drink, or drive while reading this post. So I'm reading blogs working  and stumble upon my friend Amie's blog post about the Color Run. No big deal. Till she takes her "Hannah needs a best friend from you like yesterday" campaign onto the internet. Sweet baby Jesus. God love her. 

We have been friends literally since 9th grade. Through high school, college, losing touch, and her selfish decision to follow her husband to ARKANSAS we make our friendship work.  While it is not the same as when we'd have "tea" (which really was ALWAYS wine), take long walks through Forest Park, meet up weekly to watch "The Hills" - singing the opening credits like we were live in concert, and drink wine, it has been an incredible journey and I'm so lucky to have a friend through everything - who always makes me smile. And can gossip all day about celebs like they are close personal friends...

P.S. I am not single  - but if I remind her she'll follow him around asking for his tux measurements and what baby names he favors...

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