August 11th

Aug 13, 2012

Got up early Saturday morning and ran 4.2 miles in the gorgeous Forest Park - I got lost THREE times, resorting to calling my friend with a "where are you, I'm lost, you may need to come find me phone call", in addition to the fact I was convinced someone was going to leap out of the tall wildflowers and murder me, and since I had a firm conviction of that, refused to turn my iPod down because "I didn't wanna know I was about to be attacked".  Friend shows up - I figured out where I was and ran back to my car - and we walked 2.6 miles. Breakfast with the girls at Winslows Home - followed by shopping and....Mat Work! 

I'd say today was quite productive - boy was I sore. And by sore, I mean my Right Knee - the one I had surgery on a few years back. Pray it goes away, I don't have the time, nor the patience for an injury at this point.

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