August 12th

Aug 13, 2012

...and on the 7th day, she rested. Keep in mind I needed not take a rest day because I slacked 4 days, but whatever. Detoxed with some Smooth Move tea (the night before to start my week off right), fruit, a brown rice cake with Amish Peanut Butter, Chipotle (ok, the burrito bowl had guac, cheese and sour cream), and Ben & Jerrys - on a waffle cone (ok, ice cream isn't exactly beneficial), oh, and an itty bitty two bite Askinosie Dark Chocolate (get one, NOW they melt. in . your. mouth) . My friend's little girl had her 2nd birthday party Saturday - which gave me yet another excuse to "run to Target", and, in the party spirit (read: lack of all self control), polished off four Oreos (what? they are vegan, thus good for you) and five handfuls, double fisted - of Doritos like the rapture was about to take me.  In addition to plates after plates of delicious food. 

Note to self: Must abstain from shoving everything in arms reach into my pie hole.

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