August 16th

Aug 21, 2012

Yeah, I did nothing...

Headed to the Lake of the Ozarks for a work meeting and, as usual, waited until 20 minutes before I needed to leave to decide I should probably pack. I'm totally OCD and had my packing list (for one day no less) ready, yet NOTHING was in my overnight bag.  And I had to pick up the Color Run packets. And drop off my neighbor at the airport. All this and I needed to be at my coworkers house no later than 11am.  I rolled up after driving past her house twice (she was outside waving me down and I still didn't see her) around 11:40.  Oops.  Punctuality is not my strong suit.

We got to the Lake with plenty of sunshine left to be soaked in, threw on our suits, hopped in her boat and headed to a bar - it was five o'clock somewhere...

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