August 19th

Aug 21, 2012

-Run, outside; 2.0 miles - 23:39 minutes

Sobbed slightly as I passed familiar pee stops for Ringo, if anyone was outside I'm sure they assumed I was insane - I tried, without avail to mask my sob so I wouldn't be the crazy woman running and sobbing aloud.  Came out more like a strangled laugh/choke. I went from lady with the dog that urinates on EVERY tree, to the crazed runner who weeps. You know me, making friends wherever I go...

-TAM Mat 

Starting the new week off right! 


  1. Hang in there my love. While time doesn't heal all wounds, it surely helps take the sting away.

    1. SO true, went on another run and though I got sentimental, it was definitely easier. Thanks for your support love!


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