August 24th

Aug 31, 2012

Here's the deal. Hardees has a headquarter office in my office building, and from time to time invite people to be on their Taste Test Panel. This means that yours truly not only got her name on this super exclusive list (anyone who is willing to eat food) - if I stalked the lady and sent her a few "reminder" emails to "make sure" my name was on the list, so be it.  I'm efficient. 

This was our task: Monster Thickburgers. They were as big as my head. 

Yep, a Giant Chocolate Chip cookie as a Thank You.
Cuz you didn't just inhale enough calories for two days with the taste test. 

Basically you are choosing which item (burger) you like better based on various reasons (mayo ratio, cheese, etc). 

Skipping breakfast (sin, I know) I was prepped and ready (read: I ate over half of each).

If that wasn't enough to increase my pants size, my work had Happy Hour:

I ate enough to feed a small village in Somalia.
In my defense, I held restraint for about ten minutes.

Had two of these - on the rocks. Like it makes it OK.

After the food marathon hit the gym - cuz a belly full of chips, dips and alcohol is conducive to treadmill running. Powered through 3 miles in 39:34 and hated every single second, and even sent super encouraging text messages to my "Sole Sisters" that went something like:

"You beeyotches better have run today, I got margarita sweats!"

Note to self: Must be sober next time I show my face at the gym so I don't reek of margaritas and salt...again.


  1. you are badass, little sister and I heart you.

    1. Ha! Shan, it was a SIGHT. And although I was tipsy when I began, I sobered up really quick once that damn treadmill kept going...


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