August 25th

Aug 31, 2012

Determined to redeem myself from the atrocious display at the gym last night I started days 201-210 of Abcentric Continuity and got in a 2.3 mile run (30:01 minutes).

Can I just say this new level burns like a jagger? Holy fiery inferno batman! Thankfully it targets all the areas that food, wine, and pollution take up residence on my body, so this girl ain't complaining...

Day numero uno of 30th Birthday o' fun weekend - pics and shenanigans to come...


  1. have a great birthday weekend, Marcia. you deserve it. and you are going to love your thirties, that is a promise.

    1. Well, my world did not come to an end contrary to my fears. Thirty has been great so far, thanks for the wishes!


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