Back Aches

Aug 24, 2012

So...the back pain is back.  OK, technically it never left, but I was in denial. It's nothing compared to when I injured it in March, but there are moments throughout the day when I feel as if someone is trying to rip me in half between my shoulders blades.  Jealous right? 

Finally went back to the doctor, our exchange with a little something like this:

Dr: So your back in bothering you again?
Me: Still
Dr: So it never got better from before?
Me: Not really, but it was manageable so I just went with it
Dr: That's not OK
Me: Figured
Dr: I'm going to prescribe you a refill of the anti inflammatory and Flexeril
Me: Great, but can you cut the Flexeril dose in half, that stuff is strong enough to ground a Clydesdale.
Dr: OK. I'm also requiring you go to PT and follow up with me in a month
Me: Fine, but I HAVE to run. And do Yoga. And TAM
Dr: Fine. But you must come back in 30 days and if it's not better we are doing X-rays
Me: So I can workout still?
Dr: Yes 
Me: Sweet, see you in a month

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