Band Aid Friction Block

Aug 31, 2012

We all know this girl LOVES herself some shoes: stilletos, pumps, wedges, oh my! Add in the fact that I would rather die than sacrifice my leg lengthening, confidence boosting, fabulous foot fashion fierceness, one thing that is inevitable for me - blisters/shoe rub.  Till I found this little guy.  

My motto: Flats are for recovering from injuries, tennis - workouts only.  Everything else, should have a fierce heel.

Rub on areas of your foot that get the "short end of the stick" blister/rub wise, and strut yo stuff without the consequences. Or until you find the one crack in the sidewalk and almost wipe out.  That's just me, oh.

Try it, your footsies will thank you for it.  And your pedicurist - you know they talk about folks with jacked up feet...

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