I've Lost It...

Aug 31, 2012

Just signed up for my second half marathon. I haven't even survived the first one. C'est la vie.  I blame Amie, my sole sister, motivation and reason I finished the 5k in 33:58.  She's my rock. And wine drinking buddy. And we are OBSESSED with celebrity gossip.  Our friendship was written in the stars back in 9th grade. Anywho, she sends an innocent email:

Sooooo…… I was thinking….
how nice it would be if you came down to little rock 
 for a visit. I was thinking March. 
The weather’s nice, we could shop, drink a little wine and maybe do this   

My response:

Half = Done.  It. Is. On

Let's sign up before I change my mind...

Little Rock - March 3, 2013. I hope you are ready for us.

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