Photo Diary: Color Run

Aug 21, 2012

Race Gear
Totally wanted my race tank as a momento so I did the following:

Spray shirt with Vinegar and iron. 

Though my first step was go to store to buy a spray bottle, 
then I spilled vinegar all over the floor, 
followed by ironing, all while basking in the "perfume"
 I drowned myself in by being a klutz. 

 Ta da! Let's hope it works, or the lingering vinegar air freshener was for nothing.

Me, Lauren and Amie: Sole Sisters

We dance to the beat of our own drum folks.  
The tutus, sunglasses and black bottoms were planned.  
Cuz we are cool like that...

Tutu Awesomeness

Color, anyone?

Yep, we are all ballerinas

Covered in color and too cool for school...

Color Party!

We did it!

Bib: 77291
Time: 33:58


  1. Cool tutu! Love the pics, looks like you had a great time.

    1. Many thanks! The tutus were from Johnny Brock's, we were determined to have a "costume" lol, the run was a BLAST - definitely participating again next year.


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