Photo Diary: Cupcakes & Wine

Aug 6, 2012

Saint Louis Cellars + The Cup = An evening decadent treats and delightful libations. 

Before you scroll down and judge, it was MANDATORY to taste EVERYTHING, we are NOT sugar craving, wine guzzling late twenty something year olds. Ok, we are.  But we got dressed up and attempted to behave like ladies.  Till they poured the first glass of vino.

Table Setting

From bottom L to R: 
Tuexdo, Confetti, Peanut Butter
Gold Rush, Red Velvet, Double Chocolate
Cuppa Coffee Cake, Summer Crush, Lemon Drop


Cupcake wasted.


  1. My words of choice would have been, "Before you scroll down and want to eat your computer screen". No judgement. Just envy. :)

  2. haha, it was DELICIOUS, like belly aches from too much sugar and wine in a two hour time span ;)


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