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Aug 3, 2012

Bummed not being able to attend Tracy Anderson's Detox Week in NY  (the hotels were either booked solid, super far away, or crazy pricey) I was overjoyed to see her recent blog post detailing a glimpse into the wellness bag each participant got. While I'm  still a little upset I couldn't make the trip this time around, I'm super stoked to buy some of the items in the bags - stay tuned for my product reviews, as I type I'm multitasking and ordering goodies, because shopping, my friends, is my passion - along with food + wine + shoes :)

Hamptons Detox Week Wellness Bags

Posted on August 1st, 2012
Hamptons Detox Week Wellness Bags
With women coming from around the globe to attend the Hamptons Detox Weeks, we knew we wanted to pamper them with the healthiest and best products for their bodies, minds, and everything in between. The detoxification process does not need to end once the weeks are over and these amazing items truly support a healthy lifestyle at home. With help from some friends representing the best brands available, dare I say we were able to put together the best gift bag of all time?
These Detox Weeks would not be made possible without our friends at Neuro. They supplied and endless amount of Sonic, Bliss, Aqua, and sampler packs for the group. We love Neuro and each gift bag winner will be getting a case of their favorite Neuro beverage!
This bag is made up of items that I have used for years or products that I have recently discovered and want to share with my audience. These items are truly my favorites and that is why I wanted to share them with all of you, these are not things that I have been paid to endorse.




Who said coolers have to be bulky, large, and made of plastic? These folding coolers kept everyone’s food chilled throughout the days. There are no annoying ice packs to deal with, and the PackIt shape was perfect for fitting the meals (and the colors are really fun too!). As someone always on the go, I know I will be using these often and that they really are the cooler of the future.
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Love Bottles


Such inspiring messages for our group! These bottles are made of glass, have inspiring words printed on bands on the outside, and we used them to enjoy my shakes throughout the weeks. They are almost too pretty to use only as a water bottle and I’m actually reusing mine as a vase. They are so pretty to look at and we loved having them for the group!
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The Detox Market


One of my favorite LA spots (and the world) shared their favorite products with our participants in their own mini gift bag. Every time I am in their store I see things that I have never found anywhere else. They have the best website that is filled with unique products promoting a healthy way of life. They gave our participants a box of Kusmi Tea’s Boost Tea (love it!), Rare El’ements Hair Care system, Hurraw Lip Balms, Odacite Organic Skincare kit with a toner, exfoliant, day moisturizer, and serum, Suntegrity Sunscreen’s new tinted sunscreen, AND a discount off of your purchase at The Detox Market. This is my go-to website for gifts, and hopefully will become yours too!
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Mott 50


While most clothing lines wouldn’t normally be in a sun protection category, Mott 50 is one of the most unique lines I have ever come across. It is a line of sun protective clothing, with a built-in SPF to their incredibly chic designs. On top of the protection factor, their styles are so perfect for the summer and our Hamptons spots, I love wearing it all! I was so happy to have them in the Hamptons for a trunk show and loved that they provide their gorgeous designs for the bags. They also donated their cute totes for us to fit all of the gear for the weeks. I love when a product has a dual-functionality and Mott 50 is a perfect example of that
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I first heard about this amazing brand from my partner Gwyneth Paltrow. You know that when you have her seal of approval, it’s gotta be good. SuperGoop protected us from the summer sun with their City Sunscreen Serums. I loved how compact the serum was and could fit easily in a workout bags, plus it was so gentle on my skin and was such a nice addition for the group!
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This sunless tanner was created specifically to fight against that annoying orange look that you get with most self tanners. I noticed immediately how Xen-Tan creates a natural looking glow, and I know that the detox weekers loved finding their Deep Bronze Luxe in each of their bags. Summer is about being tan, in a safe way, and this is a much higher quality product than most self tanners on the market – and smells great!
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Inside each bag the participants found a shampoo and conditioner from PRODUCT. This organic and plat-derived formula helps to defrizz and soften your hair with a simple formula of only 5 ingredients. It is such an amazing hair system and they even have a line for kids!
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I have been a fan and supporter of VitaMedica for years and I tell everyone I know how their supplements have changed my skin through their amazing formulas. I have learned from VitaMedica that great skin starts from the inside and they provided their amazing supplements for our group: Anti-Aging, Clear Skin Formula, Probiotic-8, and their educational nutrition supplements cards. I know everyone can benefit from their skincare system and it’s fun to get lost on their website.
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Joanna Vargas


Joanna Vargas is one of the top day spas in NYC and her organic product line does not disappoint your skin. Everyone at the detox weeks is going to have a glowing, blemish-free face after trying the daily serum in each of the bags. If you are in NYC should book a facial here ASAP, you will be thrilled with the results.
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Amour Beauty


Armour is truly a rockstar brand and I love how their glosses are not only in chic colors, but are naturally-based. A lot of people don’t stop to think about the chemicals that are in the glosses and lipsticks they are using, and that is why I’m SO into this brand. The colors are also really fun and perfect for every occasion – from the Hamptons to NYC to LA, I know I’ll be seeing women wearing these wherever I am!
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I Love My Muff


I LOVE I Love My Muff, from its catchy name, to their helpful line of products, I am always spreading the word about their genius products. There was definitely a demand for a product like this and I’m glad it’s out there and taking a stand. Every participant received a pack of their wipes and I know they will be put to use.
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Prtty Peaushun


I have definitely made my admiration of makeup artist Bethany Karlyn and her amazing Prtty Peaushun product known before, and I can’t think of a better addition to the wellness bag. This is an all-natural skin tightening lotion and the scent is intoxicating. Plus, someone with over 20+ years of experience in the makeup world, knows what will look good on your skin and give you a flawless glow. I also just found out that it repels bugs as well, which is good in the buggy summers.
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We were so lucky to have ARCONA participate in these weeks, I mean seriously lucky. Their Hollywood spa has been providing the best LA facial for years and the entire product line is one of the best skin care lines in the world. I love their kiwi cleansing bar and toners, and the detox weekers are going to be addicted to the cranberry traid pads they provided in each bag. It’s perfect post-workout to wipe down your face and the cranberry gives an antioxidant boost immediately.
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Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap


The detox weeks definitely have a lot of sweat, and with a lot of sweat, comes the need for a LOT of hand washing. Hand sanitizing is something that we take seriously in the studios and there is no better product than Mrs. Meyer’s. Clean smelling and paraban free, this soap always leaves my hands feeling clean but still smooth and never with that rough feeling I find with most soaps. Plus the packaging is so adorable!
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Acure Facial Scrub


I have raved about this product in this past and am so glad to share it in the wellness bags. Exfoliation is an important part of skincare and especially with the summer skin, using this scrub should become an important part of your daily routine. Made with sea kelp and natural ingredients, this is truly a safe an effective product for your face.
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Mama Mio


From cellulite to stretch marks to pregnant bellies, Mama Mio has a targeted product for any issue women can face with their bodies. We love their “no nasties” policy and I know that any of their products will be safe for your skin. They were kind enough to provide their Get Waisted lotion which helps cinch in your stomach- perfect for after a detox!
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RMS Beauty


This incredible organic skincare line would leave anyone’s skin glowing. They donated samples of thei incredible oil to hydrate and illuminate the skin. My skin felt so soft!
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Uneven skintone, dark marks, and discoloration are 3 things that can creep up with age. One of our detox week participants actually created with this anti-aging product and wanted to share it with the group. Made with natural extracts like Mulberry, Licorice, and Bearberry, it has been certified as a natural product and will help fight against aging issues while brightening your face.
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We really took care of our participants from head-to-toe and RGB Polishes are leaving us with summery hands and feet. These polishes are the best I’ve seen in terms of great color selection and emphasis on quality. This definitely isn’t the type of polish that will chip after a few days and they make great gifts. I know the participants are going to love opening their bags and seeing RGB in the shade of Dove, Punch, and Vellum!
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One Lucky Duck


Sarma’s genius strikes again! We love One Lucky Duck, their website is an invaluable resource, and their takeaway salads are a must on any trip to NYC. Going along with the detox, they provided our group with organic and raw pumpkinseeds, goji berries, goldenberries, and almonds so that we can all keep up the healthy eating habits back at home. These are amazing foods to introduce to your diet and we are glad the participants got to go home with them as well as information on One Lucky Duck and a nice discount on their website.
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Go Raw


There is a lot of raw food on the detox week menus and I wanted to introduce the group to Go Raw because these are bars that you can eat on the go and do not have to prepare ahead of time. They are packed with nutrients and I would definitely recommend them to anyone introducing raw food to their diet. It’s great to keep a stack around as a healthy and raw snack.
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Body and Eden


This a tonic and elixir company that combines fresh market veggies and fruits with herbal infusions and green super foods. I love how informative and educational their website is, how sleek their bottles are, and how, with their guidance, you are able to customize your own tonics. They were kind enough to provide a voucher for a tonic in the bags, something I know our participants are thrilled to take home!
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Elaina Love


Raw Food Guru and the lady who trained our Detox Week Chef, Elaina Love put together a starter packet with information about raw food and recipes to do at home. Her website is an incredible resource to start your education about raw foods and what supplies to purchase, it’s definitely worth checking out today
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Maia Greek Yogurt


There are a lot of options these days when it come to Greek yogurt, but what sets Maia apart is that it is fortified with nutrients and probiotics specifically for women. All of the ladies in the weeks will love that this was created with women’s health in mind and supplies an essential amount of nutrients and protein. Not to mention it’s absolutely delicious and has inventive flavors like pomegranate-cherry.
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Medicine Flower


Medicine Flower is a wonderful site and resource for living well and riding your body of all toxins. They were kind enough to donate Coconut Snow Deodorant, raw vanilla essence (used to bring a vanilla flavor to raw food), and packages of chia seeds. These are all great to go home with!
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Arctic Zero


If you have Metamorphosis, you know I recommend Arctic Zero to my clients. What’s not to love about a protein bar that comes in the form of delicious tasting ice cream? As their line has expanded to now included ice cream bars, they continue to be a favorite low calorie and delicious treat. I know our participants will be reaching for this instead of traditional ice cream to remain feeling great!
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Good Earth Tea


Around for over 40 years, these teas have always been made with high quality ingredients and have stayed ahead of the curve with new and natural flavors. The packaging is environmentally friendly and their even made in solar-powered plants. Curling up with a big mug of tea is a great way to stay healthy after the detox weeks.
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Protecting our body and balance, HelioPro gave each of us a bracelet with a Tracy logo. Not only was it a fun and fashionable item, but HeliPro is also a leader in magnetic therapy and helps some of the top athletes in the world with their balance – something we all need with the jumping and dancing going on throughout the weeks.
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Monica Berg


Monica Berg’s website is an invaluable resource for everything from coping with a loss, having confidence in your self, or how to stay positive. Monica was kind enough to share her inspirational words with our group in a motivating and thought-provoking letter to the group. A truly special gift to share with the group and will set your mind at ease.
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One thing every participant is returning home with, is a bag of sweaty clothes. Most of the time, regular detergents just don’t cut it with returning your clothes to their original state (and smell). That’s where we need a laundry detergent made specifically for sweaty gym clothes. Caldrea’s Sport Wash is amazing and I would recommend to any TAM person out there to wash their post-workout clothes.
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Made in LA, one of our trunk show participants has an amazing line of sportswear, filed with unique designs. As an added bag bonus, they threw in their signature switch-fit straps that can be used on any of their signature tops.
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Kings of Cole


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of Elana Brynes and Kings of Cole. Their sweats are frequently spotted on celebrities and fashionistas around the globe and the soft fabrics are just about the most comfortable thing to wear. They were so sweet to provide their shirts for the bags as well as visit the weeks for their amazing trunk shows.
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No matter if it’s NYC, LA, or the Hamptons, I always seem to find myself in an Intermix. They have such a great variety of designer clothing and I can find something for every occasion. The summery windows in their Hamptons store are always so inviting and I love seeing them when driving through town. Hopefully everyone in the Detox Weeks will make a stop by their store as they were all given $50 gift cards from Intermix.
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Sweaty Betty


Our friends from London have an incredible sportswear company, with sleek designs that translate well from a workout to out and about. I even wore one of their tops in the Pregnancy Project and they provided our group with their really comfortable sports bras. Thanks Sweaty Betty!
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Kokoboxx Designs


Another Detox Week participant has the most incredible new business and shared her creativity with the group. An innovative design service, they will take any room or space and transform it on the timeline and budget that works for you. To get everyone started, Kokoboxx gave everyone a $250 gift card.
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