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Aug 16, 2012

Since I apparently have the worst time management skills when it comes to getting in all the fitness related fun I NEED want to do, I went all OCD and printed out the handy fella below and posted it on my fridge. 

Tools Needed:
-Blank monthly calendar - mine was printed from Microsoft Word 
-Baby Post Its (cut into 3 strips)

Workout weekly goals are on the top left: TAM - 6, Run - 4, Yoga - 1.  

Use yellow post it notes to write down my "planned" workout for each day (example: TAM, Run) and placed them on a day of the week (planning 7 days ahead and referencing my  work and social calendars). 

Once said workout is "completed" I write my workout on the actual calendar to document my hard work.  Pencil is used instead of a pen because we all know life and its curveballs...

For me, seeing the entire month (like a good grade posted on your fridge in grade school) is more helpful (and motivating) than relying solely on the Lose It App which only shows daily views, and is less stressful than adding it on my iPad to sync with all my calendars - then remembering to go back and adjust accordingly.

How do you plan your workouts?  What methods do you use? I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts...

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