30 Day Yoga Challenge: Yoga Six

Sep 14, 2012

Eeek! I just screamed a little. Just stumbled upon the gem below. I've been DYING to try a 
Yoga 30 Day Challenge, and it appears as if I'll get the chance next month!  

Bonus: they have heated and non heated classes - the possibilities are endless! Now, if you'll 
excuse me, I need to plan my half marathon training around Yoga and figure out what I'm
gonna wear...                         

                                              “This practice becomes firmly rooted when it is cultivated 
                                       skillfully and continuously for a long time.”  - Patanjali

We’re super excited to announce the very first Yoga Six 30 Day Yoga Challenge! While the 
word “challenge” has a competitive connotation please know this is NOT a competitive event!
The 30 Day Yoga Challenge is platform for expansion, exploration and transformation. 
Thirty classes in 31 days is a lot of yoga, but with the support of your fellow yogis and the Y6 
team it will be fun! Plus there are some great prizes for students who complete the challenge.

30 Day Yoga Challenge Tips & Guidelines:
  • Take 30 yoga classes during the month of October. Classes don’t need to be consecutive. If you miss a day double up on on another day.
  • Change it up! Each week try at least one class that is different or outside your “normal” routine. For example, if you always take hot classes try Athletic Deep Stretch or Restorative. Or, if you’ve never practiced in a heated room, experience Warm 60.
  • Make it social! Practice with a friend and grab a bite to eat after. Sharing experiences with others is great for both accountability and personal reflection.
  • Avoid getting discouraged if you miss a day or two, especially if this is your first challenge. Life happens!

Committing to a daily practice for 30 days will physically and mentally shift your perspective. At the end of the challenge we’ll enter the names of everyone who completed 30 classes into a drawing, and 5 students will win something fun and fabulous. If you have any questions about the challenge please let us know, the journey begins October 1st!

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