Coffee has its perks

Sep 22, 2012

It's no secret - I need my coffee.  Especially when I'm low on shut eye. Or it's gloomy out. Or because I'm rockin' a particularly awesome outfit and need all the world (inside Starbucks) to see it.

I've been a Gold Card Member for about a year or so - when I kicked my semi frequent pit stops into a full fledged addiction, complete with each barista knowing me by name, preparing my favorite drink (skinny, extra hot) depending on season (Eggnog - Christmas, Pumpkin - Fall, etc), like I'm a VIP and not just a caffeine junky. That, my friends, is customer service.

Being a member has its perks (the gold card is tres' chic), and it appears they're about to get even better.  Happy dance.
My Starbucks Rewards™Rewards StatusCheck BalanceReload a Card
Rewards are coming to you faster (and tastier).

We've got a few My Starbucks Rewards™ updates coming on October 16.
Here's a quick summary of what to expect as a Gold level member.
HELLO faster, tastier rewards.
Free Drink (or Food)
Now you can use your "free drink" on food too.
Whatever looks delicious.**
Lucky Dozen
Earn a free drink (or food) every 12 Stars instead of 15.
Watch 'em roll in even faster.
Keep your Gold benefits
This hasn't changed: earn 30 Stars every year as a Gold level
member and you're Gold for another year. Just like that.
No More Postcards (#1 member-requested change)
Your free drink (or food) will load right onto your Starbucks Card account. You'll receive an email alert when you've earned your reward. Just bring your registered Starbucks Card or the Starbucks Card mobile app to a participating store and tell your barista.
To learn more about redeeming postcards and digital rewards
GOODBYE to the benefits going away.
Soy & Syrup
We will no longer offer syrups and soymilk on the house.
Tall Drink with Whole Bean Purchase
We also will no longer offer a free tall drink when you buy
a pound of coffee.

Even more awesome? I had no clue they offered the benefits they are now phasing out, so I'm not losing anything.  Score. 

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