Sep 22, 2012

So I've been obsessing incessantly mulling over how to integrate my Tracy Anderson Continuity workouts with my half marathon running schedule.  Thus far it has been a battle. And running is winning. Which makes me sad because Tracy transformed my body two years ago, and we all know I'm too vain to let my results slip.  

I reached out to Tracy's team:

I've been a devout TAM follower since October 2010 and recently signed up for my first half marathon. So here's my dilemma, I am finding it increasingly difficult to run AND fit in TAM 6 days a week - and lately it has been falling by the wayside completely.  What are your thoughts on running and TAM? With running 4 days a week I'm not sure what a good balance would be, I adore TAM and my results so I don't want all my effort to go to waste.  HELP?!

They replied:

Hello Marcia,
Tracy suggests that you do not replace the dance cardio.  You can add in the running, but Tracy does warn that this could interfere with her results, as her cardio works the small muscles and traditional cardio works the large muscle groups.
Have a great day!

Clear as mud right? My interpretation was to continue BOTH mat and dance cardio on cross training days (Which I have not been doing - I can't remember the last time DC saw the inside of my DVD player, and mat hasn't been done in a month of Sundays) But, we all know yours truly is OCD and loves direction so I emailed back for clarification. I'll keep you posted - with my half officially 10 weeks away this Sunday, I'm trying to firm up my plan for success.  Without driving myself insane. Ha.

Any runners/TAMer's out there?  How do you find a balance? 
How many days a week do you cross train in general?

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