Garmin Forerunner 10

Sep 8, 2012

About 30 seconds after I wrote about my "Great Garmin Dilemma" the obsession was just too much and I "needed"a Garmin, five minutes ago.  What did I do you ask? What every self respecting shopaholic with zero self control discerning consumer would do. Leave work immediately and buy one. Der.

Please excuse my desk, this is all the work I "should" have been doing instead of high tailing it to Big River Running Company  to purchase "Moo" my new running buddy. 

Yep, I'm one of those deranged creative people who name their belongings.  "Moo" is named after the pig in the movie "Uptown Girls". Don't judge me. 

*Side Note: I'm crazy in love with those pretzels. It's borderline inappropriate how much I adore them.

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