Sep 14, 2012


We have all been here before - that moment in your day where the time elapses so rapidly since your last meal the edges of your sanity begin to blur, causing a spiral of emotions so damning those around you run in fear from your wrath.  Or, even worse, you utter unkind words you might have to apologize for once out of the throws of hunger. That, my friends, is what they call "Hangry".  Let's discuss.

Hangry is used to describe the ever looming state of hunger that has far surpassed the pleasant edge of anticipation.  Picture this: The food has not arrived, you're stuck in your car, dinner is late. The minutes tick on, and you descend into varying states of starvation, irritability, anger, disgust, disgruntled with - EVERYTHING. Your head aches, the world looks menacing and grotesque. 

I won't lie - I've been told numerous times by my sister Jennifer in particular that I should carry a snack in my purse.  At all times.

Helpful Tips:
  1. Identify your hunger cues. Does your stomach growl, you get weak, etc
  2. Always plan ahead. Pack a granola bar in your purse, stash another in your car, desk, etc.

Bottom line: Do whatever it takes to keep the hangry monster from appearing...

Do you get hangry? What happens when you do?

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