It's the 1st of the month...

Sep 8, 2012

Starting the month off with a bang!


-Ran 2 mi. (23:18) on TM

Had every intention of running 3 till I realized I have the bladder of a ninety year old woman. And my shoes were untied. And I couldn't find the remote to change the gym tv off  the news. And my boobs hurt. Got a mile in before my "break" and a mile after. Sucky mcsuckerson I know.

-Y6 Sculpt (1 hour)

"This workout consists of yoga inspired movements combined with resistance training. Using free weights you will move through sun salutations, balancing sequences, lunges and other yoga postures. Enjoy upbeat music and creative routines as you increase muscle endurance, strength, and flexibility throughout the entire body. This class is taught in a warm room and is appropriate for students with some yoga and/or resistance training experience."

-TAM Mat (day #4)
After all that, this is what I looked like...
Put a fork in me, I'm DONE

Overall I made it to 2 out of the 6 free classes at Yoga Six. Note to self: prioritize FREE classes to ensure utilization because the offer only last two weeks.

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