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Sep 23, 2012

The last two weeks have been - trying. With my first case going to trial and the biggest case of my career to date going to mediation (no, I'm not a lawyer) within mere days of one another, I was - a stress bunny.


Your truly was called as a witness, which meant being deposed (slightly unsettling), and testifying, under oath - TWICE. I almost threw up and passed out.  Not my idea of a party people. File this under job tasks I don't adore.

Hint: wear warm clothes to court.  It's about 50 degrees - I contemplated buying a sweater from one of the jurors.


Basically each party gets a conference room and a mediator goes back and forth between said rooms to try and reach and agreement shy of going to trial.  Though at times difficult, mediation is a riveting game of "sit and wait". So, ever prepared I had my iPad, other work to bide the time, and chargers for all my electronics.  There is nothing worse than being astronomically bored and your (insert device) dies.  Believe me, it is not fun.

Every room gets a delightful array of snacks, knick knacks, and office supplies -

I went through those snacks like a one woman cyclone, at one point, mid face shove of Cheez Its the Structured Settlement guy goes, "those are fattening".  "Really"? Don't tango with a girl low on patience, sleep, sanity. And don't ever talk negatively about her Cheez Its.  Those are fighting words my friend.

Also in our room - a little sand garden. Now its a party.

Sadly, after nine hours we didn't  reach an 

Yup.  Those went into my purse. 

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