Photo Diary: 30 "Sucks"

Sep 8, 2012

I must confess. Everyone was right. I didn't get a "you suck at life" sticker because all the wildly ridiculous expectations (that didn't exist btw) I thought turning thirty brought, but were not met. So, to celebrate, I did it up like anyone should. With a three day long bash filled with family, friends, and wine - lots and lots o' wine.

First, the winery.

Gotta love Pinterest for cool ideas...

Ginger and I
With birthdays five days apart we decided turning thirty would suck WAY less if we celebrated jointly. 

Me, Erica, Ginger, and Annelise
Which was totally true. Plus we drank wine. Like alot. Which really helped. 

Yep, I'm wearing a crown (thanks Annelise).  Go big or go home folks. 

Then, the Lion King at The Fox.

My Mom, baby Sis Jaleesa, and I
Why is the picture so dark? No photography in the theater. But we are totally bad ass and did it anyway. Living on the edge.

The musical was phenomenal. Go see. Twice. And in case my endorsement doesn't convince you, check out a preview:

Finally, my birthday.

Took a vacation day off work - step one to an amazing day.

I got a facial. Botanical Skin Resurfacing to be exact. You know to combat the hours of aging while being thirty. Gotta get ahead of the curve people. Afterwards they give you hot tea to sip while you relax.  Delightful, so much I wanted to buy a box. Till I saw it was $15. It wasn't that good. 

Then, a mani-pedi (OPI Hot & Spicy) followed by my FAVORITE custard in St. Louis, Doozles. Shocker because everyone and their grandma likes Ted Drewes. Except me. 

Gerbera Daisies (my favorite no less) from my coworkers. They love me. And I them. Till we wanna kill one another, you know, like family. I kid. Kinda.

Gift from my madre - TAM Mini Trampoline Video. I love double gifts. Mail + gift = cloud nine.

The other double gift from my madre: A Love Bottle. I have been itching for one ever since I talked about it here.

Wrapped up my day of birth getting my favorite Chinese delivery with Ginger, renting Wanderlust, and drinking ourselves into a champagne oblivion alongside my adorable upstairs neighbors Beth and Whitney till the wee hours.

Happy Birthday, to me :)

What did you do for your 30th?

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