Photo Diary: Thank God I Rent

Sep 13, 2012

Thursday (9/7) I noticed these guys had taken up residence on my bathroom wall.  Like a cautious explorer, I climbed on top of my toilet and poked at the bubbles.  You know, cuz I am a bubble specialist.  

Verdict: Squish.  

Mental note: email building photo of bubbles (I forgot, oops).

I woke Saturday morning to this:

So that was the noise I heard during the night.  Good thing it wasn't a murder.  

Added fun: there was water dripping onto the light fixture. I know how to party.

Thank God for awesome building management. Plumber was at my apartment within an hour of my frantic "my bathroom ceiling caved in, there is @#$% all over, and water is dripping into my lights, yes this is a true emergency" phone call.

This awesome site has to "dry" out, so I get to wade around in this BS enjoy this view (with one working light)  till then.  Joy.

Saving grace: I'm no longer a homeowner and beside a minor inconvenience, I don't have to foot the bill.  Hallelujah.

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