Physical Therapy - Back

Sep 13, 2012

PT  on my back has been bearable. 

They hook up up to this guy for stimulation.  And you get a bell, you know in case your wine glass goes empty.  I kid.  I wish.

Next, a heated pad is draped over you and you are left in peace for ten glorious minutes  (totally fell asleep the first day).

After they're done torturing you with strength exercises (I swear the tranquil nap is a trick) you don a fab hospital gown.

Your shoulder blades are then taped down to further help strengthen the back, and take pressure off the stressed muscles in between the tape. Hot right?

This was no picnic. It forces you into perfect stepford wife posture (the way normal people stand, unlike myself, the perpetual slouch). Wear until the tape wears off, you go back to PT, or you can't stand it anymore.  These bad boys came off six hours later (note: after day #1 it got WAY better).  

Result: mindful posture and easing the stress on the overly tight, spastic muscles. 

Two more weeks of PT - and counting.  Let's hope PT cures my back. I'm over being in pain. Besides, I don't wanna go back to see my doctor.  Nothing personal.

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