Road ID

Sep 22, 2012

So, remember the time I got lost on a run in Forest Park and "almost" had to phone a friend to do a search and rescue effort?  It hasn't happened again (yet, Thank God), but considering I get lost on my way home and have ZERO sense of direction I've been contemplating a Road ID in case of an emergency - especially since my sucky, awful piece of crap Blackberry automatically locks, you know so some random stranger can't swipe my phone and be all up in my work business.  

In true Marcia fashion, I devised a way to let the kind (hopefully HOT male stranger) figure out who I am and contact my next of kin for FREE so I can spend my money on important things: like wine and Target runs. Priorities. 

Now, I laminated this beauty, but in my infinite wisdom didn't think about where I'd stash it so someone could easily find without stripping me naked.  Tried in my ipod pouch - scratched my arm. Tried it in my running belt: gets the job done, but I only use on long runs.  Which leads me back to my dilemma: shell out $20 or go commando?

Do you havea Road ID (or any type of ID bracelet)? Is it worth it?

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