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Sep 23, 2012

This on call weekend I played with fire.  Ok not really but OCD Marcia was not in control (did not have her vehicle at all times in case called) and she had mild panic attacks.  I'm so dramatic.  Plus my runs got slower, and slightly less frequent, which is pissing me off royally troubling.

Ran 3.2 (38.38) around my neighborhood.

Met up with the boy and some of his friends.  Bar hopping sober was surprisingly thoroughly entertaining this time around. Where's the popcorn and lawn chair when you need one?  

Saturday morning went to brunch at this adorable place by my house.  New favorite brunch spot.  Ordered cappucino, and got this guy:

Am I being punked? The cup was smaller than my palm. But holy cow batman was it potent. 

Sipping my coffee, pinky up.  Normal.  St. Louis is tres' European these days.

That evening the boy and I went out for my belated birthday dinner. If you like twinkle lights and dining al fresco, go here.  I love this place: great food, gorgeous views.  We tried the pork cheek appetizer. Yes, you heard me - pork cheek.  Braised to perfection, rolled in pistachios and panko, then pan fried. Topped with a poached egg and set atop a ridiculously mouth watering sauce - it was to.die.for. 

Ran 4.2 (53:20) in Forest Park
Slow, glacial almost

Went to a BBQ and met his colleagues, then watched Homeland. He introduced me to this a week ago and I'm hooked. 

Besides not being able to partake in adult beverages while on call (which automatically meant I was knocked up according to the waiter), it was an awesome, boy filled weekend :)

Got up at 4:45 and ran 2.0 (21:30) on the TM. It was semi rough getting out of bed, but I LOVED every minute of my early workout and would have ran longer if time wasn't tight.

Weight (9/19/12): 126.6 - It's a miracle! Finally the scale is moving in the right direction - down. Bonus, my abs are peeking back out, happy dance around town folks.

Ran 4.0 (50:13) in Forest Park.  Must start stretching pre run, it felt like I had a boa constrictor attached to each ankle. Which is why I was so blasted slow.  Stretched good and long post run (note to self do this too) so I'm back in business. Tried Watermelon Sport Beans - yummy, but my stomach can't handle food before a morning workout unless I want to vomit. Got three down before the dry heaves began.

Anyone tried any different foods lately?  Find a new favorite brunch spot?

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