Testing -

Sep 13, 2012

Ran 3.0 mi. (32:27) on TM. Gotta love those days when you feel like you could run forever.  But I didn't, cuz I was over the treadmill. 

Weight - 127

Ran a quick 2.0 mi. (20:00) on TM and decided to test out my Garmin. You know - no instructions, first time I switched it on.  Piece of cake. Wrong. Apparently "GPS" doesn't work INSIDE the building, which at the time baffled me. I swear I'm not a total idiot.  Ok, maybe a little.

Ran 5.4 mi. (1:05)  Outside at Forest Park. 

With my Spibelt. Rocked. Hard. Forgot it was there.

And my Garmin.

Worked like charm. Minus the insanely horrific leg soreness the first 2 miles.  Then, cuz I totally lost my mind walked an additional 4mi. with a friend.  Not my best idea to date.  My was I one sore lady.

Had my first GU. Not awful, but can't quite get past the texture. 

Post long run lunch: Mango Tango salad from Fozzie's Sandwich Emporium.  

2 hour Yoga handstand workshop. Terrible, horrible idea after a long run that leaves you in agony. The result? Double agony dipped in pain.

Bonus: I ripped open this guy.  Awesome.

2.1 run outdoors (25:37). No one ever said recovery runs were easy.  Sweet baby Jesus those two miles felt like 200.  


  1. confession time, i was looking through the photos first before reading your post. I was thinking, ahh, what a lovely time she's having. her belt looks awesome, the watch is so cute, the weather's perfect and the food looks fab and then I saw your foot! OMG. 5.4 miles is very impressive. and a two hour handstand workshop? Yikes. you go girl.

  2. Ha! I didn't even know I had a blister till that bad boy ripped open as I was attempting (badly) to kick into handstand and felt a burning sensation in my foot. Thank God for Band Aid Friction Block - I've been slathering it on like its a $400 tube of cream from the fountain of youth. Thanks! Running is getting better - finally finding my groove. Kinda. The Handstand (minus the blister) was awesome. Brutal, but awesome. At one point the teacher goes "I know you wanna throw yoga blocks at my face right about now"...ha!


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