Dilemma: Part Deux

Oct 1, 2012

As you may know because I ramble incessantly about it, I've signed up for the St. Jude's Half Marathon on December 1, 2012 with two of my friends - Amie and Lauren. Super ecstatic, pumped, and just plain giddy about it all. Then I realize I'm running 13.1 freaking miles and hyperventilate a little. Details.  

It has been a constant battle of which workout to do; if I should do both (run and TAM), or focus solely on my half and pick up with TAM when I'm done racing (which at this point is never since I signed up for another half in March 2013). 

Reached out to Tracy to get some advice a few weeks back, then sent a follow up email for clarification (don't judge, I need details - OCD over here!), see the email chain below:

My reply:

Thank you for the prompt response :)  Let me make sure I understand correctly.  Keep DC and nix Mat? Or keep both and do as often as my half training allows (3 days a week or so)?  Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!

TAM replied:

Hello Marcia,
For the best results and what Tracy recommends is that you do the program the way that Tracy designed it. Doing the workouts, both transformation and dance cardio together each day six days per week and not adding in any outside workouts or exercises.
I hope this helps, please reach out with any other questions.

First off,  I am truly grateful for a prompt response from Tracy's team - that speaks volumes.  It is comforting to know that if you need assistance or have questions you are only an email away.  Makes my investment in her method, the time spent working out, and the journey attached, so worth it.   

My dilemma still remains: run and TAM or run or TAM?? Perhaps my question was a no brainer, TAM was designed as a stand alone, which I understand. Perhaps I shouldn't be so obsessive about this, but alas, I am. Perhaps my time management skills need fine tuning enabling me to fit them both in (duh). I'm not sure there is an answer - but I've found a sliver of peace in my quest for clarification, and it boils down to this - manage my time more effectively and find out what works for ME. 

This is my new goal:

TAM Mat - 6 x's/ week
TAM Dance Cardio - on half cross train days
Running - According to Half Training plan (which is 4 -5 days/week)
Yoga - whenever I can

What dilemma are you dealing with right now?


  1. Hey Marcia-- Per your question, I say, keep doing both TAM and running...

    I've been doing dance cardio intervals with other "cardio"-- so I'll do Dance cardio '08 dance #2 for 2 minutes, then 30 second rest, then jog for 2 minutes, rest 30 secs, jumping jacks for 2 minutes, 30 sec. rest, DC II dance #1 for 2 minutes, 30 sec. rest and so on....It's really re-inspired my cardio workouts-- might be a cool way to incorporate running into your routines-- interspersing some sprints and jogging.

    1. Parker my sweet, you rock. Thanks for the GREAT advice, I'm definitely going to do both now!


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