Half Training: Week 1

Oct 23, 2012

There's no more denying it. In exactly 10 weeks I'll be running my FIRST half marathon. Say what?! Yeah, I'm just as surprised as you are. Never in a million years would I have guessed that me, Marcia Ginger, would become a runner. I won't lie, the journey to get to 10 week training has been an uphill battle - I've wanted to quit, second guessed myself, and even made excuses.  But. I. Kept. Running. What an incredible ride.

The beginning of training wouldn't be complete without breaking out the measuring tape, jumping on the number monster and getting down to business documenting the toxic wasteland that is my body.  Go ahead, you know you wanna look.  Just don't say I didn't warn you. Twice. Now that you know what shambles my physique is in - please don't leave. I stress eat.

Now that you've seen what I'm working with (and flushing your eyes from the horror), let's talk about my training plan. For my half I'm using Fitness Magazine's "Couch to 13.1". 

9/23 - Run/walk 2 miles: 22:20 on the treadmill 
9/24 - Cross Train: Walking exploration of DC
9/25 - Run/walk 3 miles: 32:49 in Rock Creek Park
9/26 - Run/walk 3 miles: 35:29 on hotel treadmill
9/27 - Run/walk 2 miles: 19:58 on hotel treadmill
9/28 - Rest Day
9/29 - Run/walk 4 miles: Ran 4.09 miles (47:59) in Forest Park

Week numero uno complete.  Boom.

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