If Target and Neiman's had a baby...

Oct 18, 2012

It would be in the form of a chic, exceptionally dressed newborn with 24 different daddies (Jerry Springer anyone?). Nothing makes my heart sing louder than yet another excuse to give Target my entire paycheck. This collection highlights 24 designers with 50 items starting at $7.99 (holla!), and my guess is this will be bigger than Black Friday on steroids.

In case you're wondering what's on my wish list so you can buy me a present, these are my favs:
Picture of Rag & Bone Shot Glasses
Rag and Bone Shot Glasses
Picture of Philip Crangi Trinket Box
Phillip Crangi Trinket Box

Picture of Tracy Reese Dessert Plates
Tracy Reese Dessert Plates
Picture of Diane von Furstenberg Yoga Mat
DVF Yoga Mat

Three guesses as to what I'll be doing on December 1st...

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