Photo Diary: DC

Oct 23, 2012

Honored with one of the spots to attend the AAR General Claims Conference this year (cuz I'm on two committees and it was mandatory) I set off to our nation's capital for my first visit to DC.

Armed with city do's and don't from some locals on my flight (the lady asked to pet my Michael Kors bag. In a whisper), my supremely sweet seat mate who I ignored for the ENTIRE flight (what, I had to catch up on my TV) helped me get on the metro and headed in the right direction.  God. Bless. America.

Hotel: historic, picturesque, and situated blocks from the National Zoo and Rock Creek Park. Score.

My room: complete with an entryway, separate room for my closet..

And an amazeballs view. I could see Washington Monument. Which I stupidly thought was in walking distance. Thank God I took the metro. Cuz I would've had to move there it was so far.

Hotel gym.  Rocked. Hard.

What, your gym doesn't have filtered water AND water infused with lemons and limes? This one does.
Cuz it rocks. Hard.

Found Pinkberry.


Completed my first week of half marathon training. This park was da bomb.

So serene it made me want to run forever. But I didn't.

Overall it was a great trip.  Explored the city, got in my runs, crashed a movie premiere. Got a free coffee from a Cuban barista who serenaded everyone while he worked. Successfully got zero photos of myself the entire week (which blows, my dress - with spanx, was freaking awesome).

Have I left you hanging long enough? So the last night there was a formal dinner (insert fab dress photo I didn't take here), but once the cover band started and the cash bar rolled out, my coworkers and I exited stage left. Intending to hit up a local bar but the torrential downpour kept all us slightly sobers inside, so we went to the hotel bar. Cut to trays of delightful lemon drop martinis being passed around, false identities being made, and next thing I know myself and my coworkers brother are on the red carpet reviewing a movie we have never seen. Just keeping it classy folks.

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