Photo Diary: Glow Run 5k

Oct 23, 2012

Yep, you guessed it. Yet another reason to dress up and run. All over it. 

Ready to "glow". 

Note, we were SO busy having a photo shoot we missed being corralled properly. So we began behind the strollers, walkers, and puppies. Shoot me.

Once I broke out and found my stride it was on. MaryAnn even ran the first half mile with me then we ditched each other.

Along the way there were "glow" stations and live DJ's which rocked.  If you can find me in the video (which is 11 minutes), I'll name my first born after you. 

On the way back I passed Angie and Charlie and yelled incoherently for them to take photos since I haven't mastered running, breathing, and professional photography. Isn't the stilt juggler cool?

Despite the rough start and brisk/freezing evening, I finished in 33:07. A 5k best!

Bib: 1125
Time: 33:07 - placed 99th (out of 370) in my age/gender group.  

The course ran through Soulard. Which technically true, but a lie in the same. Running through a questionable part of town, where after turning one corner under an underpass next to an abandoned building where people surely go to die I wondered if they actually tested out the route. In person.  Cuz surely they would've noticed the man eating potholes and shady alleys. 

Post race feast at Twin Oaks.  Wood fire pizza, good friends, and this guy.  A wood fire baked chocolate chip cookie.  Topped with ice cream.  Heaven.

What fun 5k's have you done lately?

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