Tidbit Thursday

Oct 11, 2012

  1. I'm from Missouri, yet I have never tipped a cow. Despite what the t-shirts for sale in the STL airport say...
  2. Mayo makes me dry heave. Mah-jorly. Blech.
  3. I swear like a drunken sailor on speed. And make up words that I insist others add into their daily vocabulary (ex: Amazeballs, Awesomesauce), and/or get pissed off when they ask me what it means because they are totally about to go viral and I'll be in the dictionary.
  4. My midsection is the bain of my existence. Unless a kangaroo pouch/truffle shuffle/slouch action is the new "thing"? Didn't think so -
  5. I am SUPER affectionate. I'm talking Elmyra Duff style. It takes everything in me not to hug random strangers I strike up conversations with and decide they are my new bff.
  6. Without fail, whenever it's time to leave the house, I get super "productive" - hence why I'm ALWAYS late.
  7. If I could get a weekly mani - pedi I really think the world would be a brighter place.
  8. I have severe bouts of OCD mania coupled with equally underwhelming bouts of sheer, utter laziness.
  9. Laundry day is the day I realize I have no more clean underwear...
  10. I LOVE my family and friends. Like ALOT (see #5). Even if I call them batshit crazy or tell them I'm gonna punch them in their nose. 
And, just in case you forgot who Elmyra Duff is - let's travel back to childhood and enjoy this clip:

Happy Thursday!

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