Oct 10, 2012

VHH, or Virtual Happy Hour was invented by - I have no bloody clue.  For me, it was born some time between college (circa 2004) and the present. 

Picture this: Long day at work/school/(insert what you do all day here), you get home, put on your comfy "I'm at home and could careless who sees me" sweats and pour yourself a giant glass of wine, then realize technically this is how alcoholism begins (because you watch Intervention and see the signs), but there is no way you are getting up off the couch, getting dressed ("You want me to put a bra on"? "Pass".) so what do you do?  Call/text/skype/google talk a friend and make them drink with you.  Der.

Cuz that is totally acceptable. It's like happy hour in the presence of friends.  But not.

During grad school I cannot tell you how many of these I had with friends, it was a saving grace for my sanity, keeping me knee deep in coursework but still engaging my friends, and of course drinking wine to mask the fact I never slept or had any semblance of a social life a little less craptastic.

What creative ways do you and your friends get together?

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