Wax on -

Oct 10, 2012

TMI ahead - proceed with caution...

Before my girls trip to Miami last year my friend dragged me kicking and screaming convinced me to get a Brazilian Wax (which comes in various stages of hairlessness - fyi). Skeptical wasn't even the half of it. You want me to pay someone to pour hot wax on my lady parts and rip hair off? Pass. She swore up and down it was the best thing since sliced bread and said we would go have wine afterwards. Did somebody say wine and an excuse to gab with my bestie? Sign.Me.Up. I googled my little deranged heart out for information - I swear I live under a rock most of the time (caution, don't do research at work, I'm certain someone at headquarters knows ALL my business), decided life was too short, plus I'm lazy and shaving requires effort. Cut to the big day - my palms are sweating, I suddenly have to pee (for the tenth time since I left home 15 minutes ago), and I'm saying really "sweet" choice words to my friend, out loud, in public. Please put my best friend of the year medal in the mail would ya? 

The experience was, in a word "spectacular".  I mean, as friggin spectacular as it could be, given some stranger is looking at your lady parts, smearing wax, applying tape strips, and ripping the hair off, all while holding a conversation with you like we are sharing a bottle glass of Pinot and I'm not butt naked from the belly button down. Kidding aside, it was not bad. Yes, it stung a bit. Yes, it is a little unnerving.  But it was relatively painless and over in about 20 minutes. 

I've been addicted ever since and try to recruit any one who will listen to having it done.  C'mon, it's 20 minutes outta your life every six weeks...

Do you wax?


  1. Are you my mind reader or what? I purchased a groupon for a brazillian wax two months ago and after a ton of internet research I am still trying to get the nerve to go and use the groupon! I've gotten a bikini wax before but I'm still a bit scared about the possible pain, though I've heard so many great things about them. Your post eased my mind though......so I may or may not get one soon. :)

    1. Mind reader? Check! What a coincidence! Christine you MUST go. NOW. If you've gotten a bikini wax you can do Brazilian without batting an eye. Shall I road trip to (insert your city) and wait outside with a bottle of vino? Try it, I promise the temporary, slight sting is worth it :)

  2. Question? Do they give you a bottle..I mean glass of wine before they get all up in your business?

  3. Ha! No, but they do offer you tea or water and light snacks :). I'll totally sit out in the waiting room with a bottle though -


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