Half Training: Week 4

Nov 1, 2012

10/14 - Run 2 miles, 1 easy, 1 hard: My sister helped me find my gym near her place, sweet girl.  I only obsessed to her incessantly about finding places to run for the month leading up to my visit - she's psychic...

Gotta love Snap Fitness - this location didn't have lockers, and because I was convinced the two beefy roid heads were gonna run off with my beloved Michael Kors bag I decided to run with her beside my treadmill. Like a normal person.

10/15 - Cross Train: Walking exploration of Michigan with my sis. Namely every store south of Canada, including this one.

Obs they had Lululemon. And I tried on EVERY item from my wish list and decided I needed a race outift. Hello new capris...

10/16 - Run 3 miles: 3.06 miles around my sisters neighborhood - 39:16. Started off brisk, but about a mile in I warmed up and it was on like donkey kong.  Till I kinda got lost.

Fall in Michigan
10/17 - Rest day

10/18 - Run 3 miles: Treadmill, 30 mins

10/19 - Run 3 miles: Ran a mile, walked a mile, ran a mile - 36:25 treadmill

10/20 - Hiked, here. I thought hike meant "leisurely stroll on a paved path". But once M started putting on his hiking pants I knew this wasn't a stroll and started to hyperventilate - I LOVE the outdoors, in the absence of wildlife and insects. And since I'm attempting to ease him into my crazy, I was pretty sure we'd be broken up by the time we hit the trail if I explained how I like outside, but not the whole wildlife portion. But alas, this girl couldn't be a quitter so off we went. The hike was idyllic. Crisp morning, gorgeous clear day and not a mountain lion in sight. 

Fast forward to a few hours later when I change and decide to run...that's when the lid exploded of my crazy jar. I found a tick! And it was already latched on. It was horrific. Ripped it out, declared today's run "cancelled due to ticks" and scrambled to my computer to research Lyme Disease, because I was convinced I had it. Already. What?! I didn't know how long that beast had been hitching a ride on my skin. Besides,  it should come as no surprise by now that I'm the princess of dramatics with a PHD in over reaction....

Week 4 - short 4 miles

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