Half Training: Week 6

Nov 13, 2012

10/28 - Rest Day

10/29 - Run 2 miles hard: Hills on hotel treadmill (22:05)

Ran on this beast.

Got room service. It is literally the highlight of my trips to good ole Nebraska...Though the pho bar in the company "cafeteria" came a close second.

Hotel had magnificent mirrors that showcased every inch of my cottage cheese. Texted M in 2.5 seconds and begged asked for him to make while I supervise help me make my own giant mirror.  You know, so I can stare at myself ALL day...and count my ass dimples.

10/30 - Cross Train: Nope. Slacker, party of one?

10/31 - Run 4 miles: Treadmill, while watching the Food Network (39:24). Saw not one trick o' treater, which I found odd, but short hair don't care cuz she forgot to buy candy anyway...

11/1 - Run 4 miles: None. Between my long run and 10k this Saturday it makes my miles up for the three days.

11/2 - Run 8 miles: 9 miler on the treadmill (91:25).  Yep, I ran NINE miles instead of 8.  Who is this girl?

11/3 - RR 3 miles:  Race for Home 10k (race recap here) with Annelise. Homegirl just found out she needs surgery on her IT band and she still killed it.  Thank God she paced with me, the 9 miler the night before wiped me out more than I thought.  Every mile seemed extra long. Brutality.

Rocking my "subtle" pink Target  long sleeve tee.  Best 25 bucks I've ever spent.  We all know I now own every color. They rock that hard.

Results - not too shabby for my first 10k.  Add in to the fact I was elated to cross the finish line without an oxygen mask or gurney and you would've thought I won an Emmy...

Age group
7 (out of 12)167 (overall)MARCIA GINGER30ST. LOUISMO1:06:56 (gun) 1:06:19 (chip)

 (out of 84)
537F30391:06:561:06:1910:413279MARCIA GINGER30FST. LOUISMO

Bib: 3279
Time: 1:06:19 - placed 7th out of 12 in my age group; 53rd out of 84 overall

Post race libations: Hot chocolate and Bellinis

Post race feast: yep, it was just two of us...

M went away on business for TWO weeks (surely that's cruel and unusual punishment somewhere), so to keep myself from being the psycho girlfriend and texting "I miss you", "come home", "what are you doing" every 5 minutes I put my energy toward my apartment.  Cuz let's be honest, I'd yet to pack up any of Ringo's stuff, apparently forgot what a swifter looked like, nor had I cleaned out a closet, drawer or pencil cup in God knows how long.  So Operation: Organize dammit was born.

Pile labels


Closet #1 contents...Don't mind the fact I don't have sheets on my bed.


OCD anyone?

Shoe heaven

Week 6 - complete!

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