Half Training: Week 7

Nov 18, 2012

11/4 - Cross Train: TAM Mat #6 (Continuity days 201-210). Still. The battle continues to find balance with TAM and running...and to diminish my ass dimples. Priorities.

11/5 - Rest Day

11/6 - Run 3 miles: 30:41 on the treadmill

Got my rear up and ran at 5am. To make matters funny, since I NEVER get up early to do anything, by the end of the day I started to panic thinking I'd forgotten to! It's hell getting old.

11/7 - Run 9 miles: 1.5 miles on the treadmill (15:00) 

The meltdown:

All day I was prepping myself mentally to run. I knew I'd have a busy weekend - between M coming back into town, craft class with Ginger, and dress shopping for my friend Angie's wedding I was attempting to get my runs in. I should've known something was up when I had trouble getting out of the car. "I'll just charge my phone a bit longer", I like this song", etc. Got onto the treadmill, stretched and started out like any other run. But my brain wouldn't shut off. Negative thoughts plagued my brain, sending doubt, frustration and anger into my spirit. By the time I'd gotten to a mile and a half I was defeated. Stopped the treadmill, gathered my things and headed to my car where I promptly began to sob. What was wrong with me? I've run 9 miles once before. Doubt seeped into my brain telling me I am not ready for the half marathon, that I shouldn't be running anyway because you are slow, everyone else will pass me so just give up. By the time I'd gotten home I tried to convince my perfectionist self that every run can't be fantastic. Determined not to let a bad run poison my day I took a hot shower, cozied on my couch, caught up on my DVR, and went to bed early.

Shoe rotation - Nike & Mizuno

Finally, a use for my adorable chalk board - tracking miles on my shoes. Genius.

11/8 - RR 3 miles: None. Weight 127.6. While my visit to the vicious digital bitch was pleasant, I wasn't ready mentally for another run - run mental rest day.

11/9 - Run 4 miles: None. Mentally I was "better", but I avoided running today. I was afraid - run mental rest day

Ginger and I took a craft class at Craft Alliance.  The class description said crafting - with wine. Sold. Small class, phenomenal group of women and relaxed setting made this class an awesome way to spend a Friday evening. We made russian wedding rings: rolled out copper, pickled, soldered, and sanded metal into a fab right hand ring. 

We got to use a torch and everything. Thank God the wine came after we finished. Cuz that would've been bad considering I've got butter fingers sober.

Class photo: you'd never know we'd just met.

11/10 - Run 4 miles: None

Dress shopped with Angie and the rest of the wedding party - although I dressed like an asshole in nine layers that were a beeyotch to get on and off it was a great afternoon giggling with the girls and being a part of one my closest friends dress shopping for her wedding. 

While the crazy dress store people didn't appreciate my sentimental boozy nature when I showed up with a cooler full of ice, cups and champagne (that M repacked for me because my Lululemon bag reusable bag wasn't "enough"), we still got to toast Angie "Saying Yes" to both her wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses - even if we busted out the bottle after we convinced the store worker we would drink standing up, not touching anything, and drink silently. 

This is what happens when the bride is a half hour late to the store and I'm hopped up on coffee and excitement. Needless to say she said "hell naw" to this peacock frock. 

Week 7 - 20.5 miles short. 

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