Half Training: Week 8

Nov 20, 2012

11/11 - RR 3 miles: (33:08) in Forest Park.

First run post meltdown. Releasing every emotion I had towards that bad run immediately and vowing NOT to harp on it afterwards really helped. Having said that, afterwards I was afraid.  Afraid to run again with there being a possibility of "failure". Afraid I would discourage myself more and lose steam on six months of preparation, hard work, and tears. Afraid I'd let someone down. Just. Plain. Scared. Alas, I went to the park and ran (after a pep talk and serious stalling in my car). No expectations. Once my feet hit the pavement I felt alive again - the one thing I'd denied myself for days because of irrational fear was the ONE thing that made me feel whole again. I exhaled. Took in the gorgeous fall scenery. Thanked God for giving me the bravery to get out of my car and put one foot in front of the other. Despite the 30 mph headwinds I pushed myself. By the time I got back to my car my confidence was restored. I CAN do this. I WILL do this. The journey to become a runner has been riddled with challenges - both physical and mental, but without a doubt this journey has been Worth. Every. Uphill.

It is amazing what we teach ourselves if we are willing to listen. Obstacles that seem insurmountable become second nature, irrational fear is replaced with confidence and fearless of spirit.  Putting one foot in front of the other has been one of the MOST challenging feats in my journey to become a runner, but I can say with an authentic heart it makes me feel indestructible. No matter what, I can always lace up my shoes, go for a run and find peace without judgement, expectations, or anxiety. If I let it, it will refresh my spirit, unloading all the trials of a bad day, disappointing outcome, or to celebrate life's joys. It has taught me to push past what I "think" my comfort zone is and keep going, because at the end of the day, all that matters is that you pushed past those limitations, mental blocks, and chased your dreams. 

11/12 - Run 5 miles: (50:44) on the treadmill. While texting.  Hey, whatever passes the times and keeps my mind occupied.

11/13 - Rest Day

11/14 - Cross Train: None

11/15 - Run 4 miles: 3.07 miles in Tower Grove Park

Daylight savings time blows for after work runs. My iPod wasn't charged (which I didn't realize till I set off), so it was a bit odd to run with no music. While it wasn't unpleasant, we all know this girl has an ACTIVE imagination, so every leaf that feel, every squirrel that crossed my path "assured" me I was going to be blitz attacked and kidnapped. Once dusk fell and I heard an owl (scared the SH#T out of me), I circled back and called it a night before my fear took over and some innocent bystander gets punched in the face cuz they tried to pass me and I didn't hear them coming.

11/16 - TR 4 miles; 1 miles warm up: None

I wish had a brilliant lame ass excuse to dazzle you with, but, I don't. Short hair didn't care skipped her run and headed home to drink wine and make dinner for her boy.

11/17 - Run 11 miles: 11.01 miles (2:22:46) in Forest Park

Hallelujah! I finally found the path that wraps around the entire park. I would've taken pictures along the way, but didn't - just know it was great. Having said that, doing two laps (the park is six miles on that path) elicited thoughts of suicide so after a lap numero uno I zigzaged my way around the inside of the park till my eleven miler was complete. Granted I probably ran in circles, took more hills than I cared to and looked like a weirdo, its done. While my bloks worked like a champ (3 pre run, then one every 3 miles), in hindsight I should have drank water pre run/brought/stopped/had some in my car. Details. By the time I got home (five minutes felt like fifty), I guzzled water like a camel and vowed NEVER to run without a water bottle at least in my car again.  Speaking of post run - can we say S-O-R-E? Shitballs my knees, legs, and feet ached like no tomorrow. Rocked Uggs - hard, drank lots of water, and did equal parts resting, and walking to ease the pain. By the next evening the soreness was 80% gone. Note to self: incorporate Uggs into every post race outfit in Memphis - though hitting Beale Street dolled up save for my furry boots "may" look cray cray...

Week 8 - short 5.08 miles, but complete!

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