Photo Diary: Michigan

Nov 12, 2012

Last month I took a big metal bird to see my middle sister in Michigan. Cried (semi silent sobs to myself) once I spotted her AND yelled her name across the terminal. Subtle greeting. Yep.

Gnawed on these in the car. With the windows rolled up. Sister is a vegetarian. In my defense I was in stage five hanger and she was holding me hostage.

Obsessed with mustaches. And playing dress up.  Excuse the hair. Rain = mop head.  Meanwhile, bought an adorbs cassette tape ring.  Kicking it old school folks.

Went to a midnight viewing of Tremors and ate my weight in buttered, salty popcorn  then washed down with an Icee (a big one).  Victoria Secret Angels photo shoot here I come. 

Ate ridiculous amounts of ice cream (buy some, NOW - it's like a ice cream orgasm in your mouth), cupcakes, baked potato pizza, oh my...Technically I "had" to, she "dragged" me here, here, and here. How could I not eat my way through Eminem's hometown. That'd be rude.

Went to a 20's jazz festival.  Got the brilliant idea to dress up once the show started.  Impeccable pre-planning, right?

Spent better part of twenty minutes arguing about the fact Canada is across the water from Detroit.  Hint: It is. Damn geography.

Saw this movie.  Equal parts hilarious and sassy, plus the acapella music was amazeballs. 

All around it was a fantastic visit. Minus the cold weather. Note to self, visit BEFORE October next time.  Michigan rocks winter hard core.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do some horizontal running...

Where was the last place you visited?

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