Are you gellin'?

Dec 26, 2012

A mani-pedi can wick away the days worries, send you into a divine lullaby of relaxation, and make your hands and feet smooth like butta. However, every time I grace my fav manicurist, Jackie with my obnoxious presence I ponder to myself "Gel, or regular nail polish"? 

Shellac, or Gel is the must have mani these days, lasting upwards of two weeks - holla! 

Now you must be thinking, "der Marcia, Shellac fo life", but don't let the polish set just yet. While it does has true last power, doesn't smudge EVER, and looks shiny and fresh (cotton ball + alcohol) even on day 14, the cost on average is about double a traditional mani, and I wonder if there is lasting damage to the nail - not as bad as acrylic, but removing a gel manicure is NO easy feat. Take it from me, pay to have them do it, I tried on my own and ripped my nails to shit. Granted they soaked my nails in acetone just as I had tried and failed to do gracefully, but they also roughed the gel so it'd soak in faster then scrapped off the remaining. 

While I only do gel on my hands (traditional pedicures last about two weeks on their own), I always wonder if I'm missing out on some special club choosing one over the other. There is nothing better than a fresh manicure - so the question remains:

Do you use nail polish or gel? Why?
Any nail polish brand favs? Mine is Opi. Lurve the sassy nail colors.


  1. I love opi too! I just pay for nail polish--my nails grow pretty fast. Which reminds me, I'm due for a mani pedi today. Happy Last Friday of 2012 marcia!

    1. Happy last Sunday of 2012 Christine - here's to a fab 2013 :)

  2. I tried the gel a few years ago. Then I whacked my hand against a door frame (which I do really often) and my nails shattered like glass! I haven't tried it since. I do love Opi, but Essie is where my heart truly lies :D

    1. Holy cow - that sounds painful! I'd be skeptical after that too. Oooh, Essie, I'll give them a go next time, do they have cool names like Opi?


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