Half Training: Week 9

Dec 4, 2012

11/18 - Rest Day. Yesterday's 11 miler - beat me like I stole something. Note to self: research compression garments.

11/19 - Cross Train: None

11/20 - TR 4 miles (1 minute warm up): 42:52 on the treadmill

11/21 - Run 5 miles: 5.39 miles in Forest Park (57:51).
Weight: 128.4

It's no secret I have the attention span of a gnat when I run.  Need proof? Check out these "moments" I "had to capture" that day. After sending a pic of my shoes to Amie (which isn't weird cuz she accepts my mania and is still my friend).  After the phone calls I "had to answer" - mid run. Mercy.  Bonus? My phone + me as a photographer = failsauce, so the pictures are awful.  Details. Focus Marcia.

I swear the lake looked idyllic in person.  This dead tree and weeds - not so much.

Could I get more gate into this picture?

My failed attempt to capture the Science Center AND the T-Rex statue at dusk.

Can we say cankle angle? Jeez.

11/22 - Run 5 miles: Turkey Trot 6 miler (1:02:56) in Kirkwood/Webster with AmieHappy belated cuz I'm just not getting around to writing this post in December Thanksgiving!

We decided to dress up (shocker). As Indians (double shocker). Found this DIY costume that appeared to be cute, cheap, and easy. Just how we like our men. Kidding.  Bought some feathers from Michaels (that never left the package), a sharp inexpensive pair of scissors and a dark chocolate XL Tshirt from Hobby Lobby - for $3.99, (shout out to Kelly who scoured the ends of the earth to find me a shirt) and went to town. 

In hindsight I should've cut the top a bit longer and not so deep on the sides so without a shirt underneath I had massive side boob AND bared all my truffle shuffle delight, but sometimes you just gotta give the people what they want...and put a long sleeve tee underneath so you don't blind folks with all the skin. Lawrd. Race pics - here

11/23 - Run 7 miles: None
Black Friday my ass. M and I went to Home Depot and Target that afternoon, after the psycho hardcore shoppers were at home napping. Scored new headphones for $9.99 - holla!) to replace my beloved Sony's that went to the big radio in the sky conveniently the day before the Turkey Trot. Fuck Sauce. I really thought I needed Yurbuds till I saw those suckers START at $30! For $30 bucks it better make my ipod come to life, run along side me, and sing sweet nothings into my ears while feeding me grapes and telling me how pretty I look. Hells naw.

11/24 - RR 3 miles: Treadmill party. 2 miles 20:07, then 1mile, slower at 11:21 for a total run time of 31:28.

Week 9 - 5.61 miles short, but complete! 

One week till Memphis!

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