Java Junkie

Dec 7, 2012

Everyone knows mama LOVES her java (as I gulp sip my Grande-Skinny-Peppermint Mocha-Extra Hot), SO much so that she is a Gold Card Member at Starbucks, which is the direct result of spending my paycheck there every month being such a rock star. So obviously when I saw this I thought to myself "this is the PERFECT gift someone (YOU) could purchase as my Christmas gift". You know, because you love me so much :) C'mon, I'll even buy you A cup...

Starbucks just keeps getting fancier. Teaming up with Gilt, this fierce card comes loaded with perks that make me tingly with glee. 

The most exclusive Starbucks Card ever.
Buy on Gilt Now
Starbucks is partnering with Gilt to introduce the first ever metal Starbucks Card. Only 5,000 of these stunning etched steel designs are for sale for a limited time

Each Card costs $450 and comes pre-loaded with $400 and Gold level membership.* It's the perfect gift for someone special or for yourself.

Hurry! Get the offer on Gilt today.

What are you waiting for? In case you need help with spelling, Marcia is pronounced "Mar-c-uh". You don't even have to wrap it :)

Do you have a caffeine addiction drink coffee? If so, what's your poison - homemade  or retail barista delights?


  1. We are twinsies. The grande skinny peppermint mocha is my absolute favorite at Starbucks. I fell in love with it a month ago and I love it, though I have it decaf (I know, weak) because even a little coffee keeps me up all night and makes me jittery.

    Heard that the card sold out in seconds! $400 is alot of peppermint mochas. Makes me smile.

  2. That was my first experience with the Peppermint Mocha - my is it tasty! Oh girl, I totally understand the jitters, I rock insomnia like a members only jacket...

    Holy cow - that's incredible. Java junkies know a good "deal" when they see one :)


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