Monday Musing

Dec 17, 2012

  • Powdered Peanut Butter is my jam these days.

PB2 and Chocolate PB2 Combo

PB2 (PB2 with Chocolate is the BEST). But I also enjoy JustGreatStuff.  PB2 also comes in handy single serving packets which make my heart sing. That and my sister Jennifer who mails them to me since I haven't found Choc PB2 or the packets in the lou. C'mon St. Louis, get on board, the PB2 train is leaving the station.
  • Tracy Anderson Scoop: Tracy & Gwenth's Redbook Cover. Could they get more adorable and fit?
  • Since I live in the Stone Age I just figured out how to follow blogs via Google reader (RSS feed) instead of getting 345 blogs via email a day (if anyone needs help I'm totes an expert now). Which rocks because now my iGoggle homepage has everything I need/want/guilty pleasure must see all in one place. 
  • First foray into freezing soup (Chicken and Barley) was in a word - underwhelming. All the flavor was lost, and even with copious amounts of S & P it still fell short. Sad day.
  • Think you've heard some cray cray things in your day? Check out "Disturbing Interview Questions". 
  • Experienced a nail in my tire for the first time. Fancy dash said "Low tire pressure", but the air lines were too long. So my tire flipped me the bird and when I walked out to leave (late as usual) Sunday, ole tire was FLAT. Props to M and the kind folks at Dobbs - otherwise this girl would've abandoned her vehicle and gotten a tricycle. Cuz obviously if your tire is flat you need a new mode of transportation. Bonus? Tire patching (damn I'm fancy with these car terms) was $25. Holla!
  • - And because a group of us were talking about this over the weekend, and now I can't stop laughing, a little vintage SNL - you're welcome :)


What are you Musing about this Monday?

Do you freeze soup? Any tips?

Ever tried Powdered Peanut Butter? Thoughts?

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