Monday Musings

Dec 3, 2012

Dogshaming.  The latest way to embarrass the shit out of your pet for the 
ENTIRE world to see.

If you are addicted to love coffee and kick ass views, check out - Coffee Cup View
You're welcome.

The girl in the clip is rocking out to TAM Cardio (around the 1:32 mark). Never seen this show, but after scoping out the trailer, I must DVR this, cuz it looks flippin' Hi-larious.

How to look good on webcam - "I don't care what I look like on Skype", said no one, ever.

Ridiculously funny. Watch it. Now.

Tips on how to rock White in Winter. Because I have white jeans I "had to have" and yet to remove the tags from...two seasons ago.

Decorated with all fourteen Christmas decorations. Still no Christmas tree. In my defense it is December 3rd. And I'm lazy.

What are YOU musing about this Monday?

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