Monday Musings

Dec 10, 2012

Tracy is opening a new studio in Brentwood, CA. It's my life's Christmas wish to workout with her one day.  That and world peace. 

No workout  = anger, frustration, exhaustion. Apparently my goal to take off a blessed 14 days from any kind of activity crashed and burned. My apologies to everyone who's head I ripped off last week. I'm back to TAM, who thoroughly kicked my ass today for being away for so long. 

Quote by Rod Schmidt
Opi - You Don't Know Jacques!  is my new nail jam. Mani-pedi's truly soothe the soul. MUST  figure out how to get one weekly and not live under an underpass in the process...budget what?

Get a box of this tea, NOW. You can thank me later. 

Trashy reality TV is now educational? Bacterial vaginosis 
- Phaedra Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Dec. 9 episode)

Anyone do Klutch Club or Birch Box.? Since I live under a rock JUST found out what these mail ordered delights are, and because I have zero willpower and wanna do what all the cool kids do, I ordered Klutch Clubs Best of Box. Stay tuned.

What are YOU musing about this Monday?

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